Protecting yourself and family from theft. Use a good security system that is monitored 24/7 also if you live in a gated community development don’t be afraid to report someone who looks out of place or you have never seen there.

always check with your local police or Sheriff’s office on there website they will have a map of where sexual predictors may life in your community.

Lock your vehicle doors and don’t leave phones or laptops ln your vehicles also leave the alarm on I know it can be a headache when it goes off but it could save you lots of grief.

Always remind children not to let strangers into the home or on property and always reinforce stranger Danger.

Shred all important documents anything with information such as social security numbers and phone numbers. If you don’t it could be a potential treasures to a thief.

And lastly I learned this from my wife if you get a high priced item such as a video game system or a big screen Tv. My wife will cut the box up and place it in a can or dumpster so it is not so obvious.

Stay safe John M

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