I hear a lot today about bullying in schools and how it can lead to school shootings and suicide,
I have a 10 year old daughter is and has been bulled I myself when I went to school I was bullied because I lived in a
housing project and we where poor My shoes and clothes where not stylish but I dealt with it I either ignored it or told the kids to go to hell. When I started working I had bosses or co workers that would give me a hard time. When I went to HR you don’t always get help. I am not downplaying that Kids today are not be bullied they are kids are told to kill themselves and this should be reported to school authorities but I also feel that kids should have a thicker skin.
Life is not always easy and it sure is hell is not fair when you are in school or work even when I worked in nursing homes Residents would bully each other.
I feel today that kids being on there phones and I pads truly do not know how to relate to each other In my neighborhood I see Kids coming and going to school but never outside playing games like football or baseball but in the house playing on there computers. We need to get our Children out and socializing with one another in person so that we can get them to handle those situations in life.

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